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Entry #4

World of Warcraft collab

2009-12-15 22:46:53 by Enlightener57

I'm making a WoW collab and it's going well so far, several people ready to animate! Check it out on the forums here


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2009-12-15 22:49:00

-15 seconds-45 seconds(a little over is fine)
-550 by 400 pixels
-20 fps
-No music unless its in a wav file
-Try to get the whole thing into one movie clip symbol if you can
-There are only about 10-15 slots open for clips so make it count!
-Send your submission(s) to and state what its for (title page/clip/transitions)

Extra info:
-There is no due date yet, but the sooner the better (take your time on it to make it look nice)
-Please dont make it all about the lich king, old world stuff and outland are acceptable too
-You can also work on a transition for the clips (between all the clips for the whole collab) and the title page
-Be creative and have fun!


2009-12-15 23:01:00

It would be nice to see someone make fun of Mr. T for that stupid commercial. You know the one I mean... He used to be cool, but Mr. T is dead to me now. You hear that! DEAD TO ME! *runs away crying*


2010-06-15 13:02:54

i would like to be in the collab but i dont really have any programs except for the game and a hypercam